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Artificial Trees

Permanent beauty with no maintenance

Birch Tree  

Bright and Airy

Choose from a variety of 32 different types of artificial tree choices that will make your business come to life, ranging from €25 up to our most prestigious choices. 

White Birch Tree 5ft €145
Weeping Willow 6ft €195
Slim Croton Multi Tree 4ft €135
Silk Oak With Berries 5ft €220
Sazanka 5ft €195
Rhapis Tree 6ft €245
Pepper Tree 3ft €25
Pachira Braid Tree 7ft €275
Oleander Body Tree 3ft €195
Golden Orange Tree 6ft €575
Golden Orange Tree 8ft €110
Japanese Maple 5ft €135
Japanese Maple 6ft €195
Japanese Maple 7ft €220
Japanese Maple Autumnal 5ft €175
French Ficus Root Tree 5ft €360
Forsythia 5ft €220.jpg
Ficus Varigated Tree 6ft €165
Ficus Tree 6ft €165
Ficus Tree 5ft €135
Ficus Giant 10ft €1550
Bamboo Natural 7ft €220
Bamboo Oriental 3ft €54
Capensia Crazy 4ft €110
Capensia Crazy 6ft €175
Capensia Tree 4ft €110
Dancing Berries 5ft €195
Bamboo Natural 6ft €195
Bamboo Natural 5ft €164
Red Day Leaf Tree 3ft €127
Boxwood Tree X 4 Heads 5ft €295
Boxwood Tower 6ft €248
Boxwood Tower 5ft €175
Boxwood Tower 3.5ft €120
Boxwood Tower 2.5ft €65
Boxwood Pyramid 110cm €220
Boxwood Spiral 4ft €95
Boxwood Spiral 5ft (NEW) €132
Boxwood Spiral 5ft €121
Boxwood Spire 125cm €155
Boxwood Tile 25cm €8.80
Boxwood Cylinder 4.5ft €143
Boxwood Hedge Large €249
Boxwood Hedge Median €220
Boxwood Hedge Small €110
Boxwood Oval Ball in Pot 50cm €99
Boxwood Pyramid 100cm €110
Boxwood Cylinder 3.5ft €121
Boxwood Cube 65cm €210
Boxwood Cube 2ft €110
Boxwood Cube 1.5ft €65
Boxwood Ball in Pot 75cm €175
Boxwood Ball in Pot 35cm €25
Boxwood 3 Ball 6ft €220
Boxwood A Ball 3ft €110
Boxwood Ball 30cm €28
Boxwood Ball 40cm €61
Boxwood Ball 50cm €84
Boxwood Ball in Pot 25cm €22
Boxwood 3 Ball 4ft €165
Boxwood 2 Ball 5ft €165
Boxwood 1 Ball 4ft €110
Boxwood Tower 5ft €175


Simple looking natural wood

Smaller looking than a standard tree size these beautiful looking Boxwoods bring that natural brown wood look to your business 

Palm Trees

Bring that tropical feeling inside 

With an array of colours and styles you can brighten up any environment with the flora from more tropical climates 

Yucca X 5 Heads 4.5ft €220
Yucca Rostrata 5 Heads 5ft €320
Yucca Rostrata 4 Heads 5ft €270
Traveller Palm 4ft €66
Sisal 4.5ft €95
Sanseverria 99cm €138
Phoenix Fat Trunk 6ft €110
Phoenix Multi Stem 7ft €88
Phoenix Multi Stem 10ft €135
Phoenix Multi Stem 11ft €220
Phoenix X 3 Plastic Leaves 5ft €142
Phoenix X 3 Plastic Leaves 7ft €245
Pandanus Base Plant 140cm €89
Pandanus X 2 Heads 160cm €252
Parlour Palm 6ft €195
Parlour Palm Topiary 4ft €95
Phoenix 2 Trunks 10ft €329.
Fan Palm 17ft €2200
Happy Journey 3 Trunks 6ft €135
Holland Dracaena 9ft €220
Mini Nolina X 6 Heads 76cm €72
Mini Nolina X 9 Heads 125cm €199
Mother in Law Tongue 110cm €125
Cycus Palm X 3 Trunks 6ft €245
Cycus Palm X 3 Trunks 5ft €220
Bird Of Paradise inc Pot 140cm €330
Banana Tree 9ft €275
Banana Tree 7ft €220
Baby Cycus 80cm €110
Alocasia Calidora 120cm €150
Square Planter 31cm €55 Black
HighTapered Planter 36cm €150 Silver
Fishbowl 59.5cm €150 Black
Fishbowl 42.5cm €70 Burgundy
Fishbowl 35.5cm €45 Silver
Delux Floral Pot 48cm €180 Burgundy

Pots and Planters

A place for your ideas

A selection of durable creations to hold and display the plants you chose to put in them. They are available in multiple colour choices 

Sweet Bay Tree 3.5ft €165
Sweet Bay Braid Tree 4ft €116
Sweet Bay 3 Ball 6ft €199
Sweet Bay 2 Ball 5ft €165
Podocarpus Tree 3ft €175
Podocarpus Tower 3ft €33
Needle Pine 4ft €22
Needle Pine 5ft €33
Pittisorum Potted Tree 70cm €110
Podocarpus Ball 70cm €121
Needle Pine 3ft €11
Mini FicusBonsaiWood Tree 100cm €255
Midge Grass Tree 5ft €66
Ficus Retusa Red 5ft €55
Ficus Retusa Red 4ft €44
Ficus Retusa Green 5ft €54
Cypress Ball Large €275
Cypress Ball Small €95
Cypress Cone 110cm €135
Cypress Tree 12ft €135
ffection Grass Large €110
Ficus Retusa Green 4ft €44
Cloud Tree 3ft €79
Bonsai Wood Tree 5ft €220
Bonsai Wood Tree 4ft €182
Affection Grass Small €95


Precise, sleek and stylish 

These contemporary forms hold the grace and form of a modern office space with interesting style. Pick a structured shape that fits your look and feel 

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