"We provide our customers with a personalised first rate service. We have over 30 years’ experience. Our team of service technicians and our fully qualified horticultural staff carry out our plant care with meticulous attention to detail."

We offer...


A Professional Image - A building with plants appears more welcoming and professional. Plants could be the corporate décor solution you have been searching for.


Increased Productivity - Studies have shown office plants increase productivity by 15%, boosting mood and creativity 


Healthier Workplace - Installing office plants to a room can help reduce sick building syndrome


Reduced Stress - Dutch research has shown that plants reduce tension and minimises stress levels within the workplace


Cleaner Air - By introducing plants into your work space; CO2, dust, bacteria and man made toxins created by plastics, carpets and cleaning products, will be reduced significantly 


A Quieter Office - The careful placing of plants in strategic areas has an effect on noise levels, which will in turn have a positive influence on productivity and stress 

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